Synonyms and Antonyms of contend

  1. 1 to engage in a contest two traditional rivals contending for the championship Synonyms battle, compete, face off, fight, race, rival, vieRelated Words challenge, engage, play; jockey, jostle, maneuver; go out, try out; train, work

  2. 2 to state (something) as a reason in support of or against something under consideration contended that the senator's considerable experience made him the best candidate Synonyms assert, argue, maintain, plead, reasonRelated Words adduce, cite, mention; claim, insist; affirm, aver, avouch, avow; advance, give, offer, propose, submit; advise, counsel, recommend, suggest, urge; convince, persuade; advocate, champion, defend, enforce, espouse, support; explain, justify, rationalize; consider, debate, discuss; confute, counter, disprove, rebut, refute

  3. 3 to state as a fact usually forcefully contended that his opponent was wrong about practically everything Synonyms affirm, allege, assert, aver, avouch, avow, claim, declare, insist, maintain, profess, protest, purport, warrantRelated Words announce, broadcast, proclaim; argue, rationalize, reason; confirm, justify, vindicate; defend, persevere, support, uphold; reaffirm, reassertNear Antonyms abandon; disavow, disclaim, disown, negate, negative, reject, repudiate; challenge, dispute, question; confute, disprove, rebut, refute; contradict, counterAntonyms deny, gainsay

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to criticize severely

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