Synonyms and Antonyms of explain

  1. 1 to make plain or understandable <a pamphlet that explains the medical procedure in language that any layperson can understand> Synonyms clarify, clear (up), construe, demonstrate, demystify, elucidate, explicate, expound, get across, illuminate, illustrate, interpret, simplify, spell out, unriddle Related Words decipher, decode; analyze, break down; disentangle, undo, unravel, unscramble, untangle; resolve, solve; define, specify; annotate, commentate, gloss Near Antonyms befog, cloud; confound, confuse, obfuscate Antonyms obscure

  2. 2 to give the reason for or cause of <can you explain your very odd behavior at the wedding reception?> Synonyms account (for), attribute, explain away, rationalize Related Words condone, excuse, forgive, justify; absolve, acquit, exculpate, exonerate, vindicate

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