Synonyms and Antonyms of counsel

  1. 1 a person whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients or to advise about legal rights and obligations if you cannot afford counsel, one will be provided for you Synonyms advocate, attorney, attorney-at-law, lawyer, counselor (or counsellor), counselor-at-law, legal eagleRelated Words cocounsel; district attorney, prosecuting attorney, prosecutor, solicitor; criminal lawyer, mouthpiece [slang], public defender, trial lawyer; solicitor; jurist; lawgiver, lawmaker, legislator, solon; ambulance chaser, pettifogger, Philadelphia lawyer, shyster

  2. 2 an opinion suggesting a wise or proper course of action I suggest you take the teacher's counsel Synonyms adjuration, admonishment, admonition, advice, guidance, inputRelated Words recommendation, suggestion; hint, pointer, tip; data, feedback, information; answer, solution; advisement, consideration, thought; alarm (also alarum), alert, caution, cautioning, expostulation, forewarning, remonstrance, remonstration, urging, warning; judgment (or judgement), observation, verdict; assistance, briefing, coaching, direction, instruction, mentoring, priming, prompting, teaching, tutoring; interference, kibitzing (also kibbitzing), meddling; moralizing, pontificating, preaching; exhortation, lecture, lesson, sermon, speech

  3. 3 a person who gives advice especially professionally the toy manufacturer hired a public relations counsel to do some damage control Synonyms adviser (also advisor), consigliere, consultant, counselor (or counsellor)Related Words authority, expert, pro, professional, specialist; confidant; cabinet, kitchen cabinet; sounding boardNear Antonyms counselee

  4. 4 an exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue she approved the move after a counsel with her advisers Synonyms argument, argumentation, argy-bargy [chiefly British], back-and-forth, colloquy, confab, confabulation, conference, consult, consultation, council, discussion, debate, deliberation, dialogue (also dialog), give-and-take, palaver, parley, talkRelated Words bull session, chat room, forum, meeting, powwow, roundtable, seminar, skull session (also skull practice), symposium, talkathon; chat, conversation, rap, words; discourse, disquisition; bargaining, consultancy, negotiation, pourparler



Synonyms and Antonyms of counsel

  1. 1 to exchange viewpoints or seek advice for the purpose of finding a solution to a problem concerned parents counseling about the problem of substance abuse in their community Synonyms advise, confab, confabulate, consult, confer, parley, powwow, treatRelated Words argue, bandy, bat (around), chew over, debate, deliberate, discuss, dispute, hash (over), kick around, moot, palaver, talk, talk over, ventilate; rehash; coach, guide, tutor; recommend, suggest; direct, refer (to)

  2. 2 to give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed every year the admissions officer counsels thousands of students about the process of applying to college Synonyms coach, guide, lead, mentor, pilot, shepherd, show, tutorRelated Words godfather; direct, engineer, steer, sway; accompany, attend, chaperone (or chaperon), convoy, escort, see, squire; oversee, superintend, supervise; drill, train; brief, enlighten, inform; instruct, school, teach, tutor; inculcate, indoctrinate; cultivate, foster, nurture

  3. 3 to give advice to perhaps a psychologist would be better qualified to counsel you Synonyms adjure, admonish, adviseRelated Words alert, caution, forewarn, warn; brief, clue (in), fill in, inform, tell, wise (up); coach, direct, guide, instruct, lead, mentor, shepherd, show, teach, tutor; direct, pilot, steer; acquaint, apprise, familiarize; convince, encourage, induce, persuade, talk (into); beg, exhort, implore, prevail (upon), urge; propose, recommend, suggest

  4. 4 to put (something) forward as one's choice for a wise or proper course of action I would counsel caution and deliberation in this sensitive matter Synonyms advise, recommend, suggestRelated Words advocate, back, champion, espouse, favor, support; exhort, urge; advance, offer, propose, submit

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