Synonyms and Antonyms of solicitor

  1. 1 one that tries to get a person to give in to a desire money, that great solicitor that has often succeeded in persuading people to sell their very souls Synonyms baiter, seducer, tempterRelated Words beguiler, enchantress, siren, temptress; tantalizer; briber, inducer, inveigler, persuader; corrupter (also corruptor), debaser, debaucher, degrader, depraver, perverter, undoer

  2. 2 one who asks earnestly for a favor or gift even a billionaire doesn't have the wherewithal to grant the wish of every deserving solicitor who comes his way Synonyms petitioner, pleader, supplicant, suitor, suppliantRelated Words beggar, mendicant, panhandler; cadger, moocher, schnorrer; asker, requester, suer

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