Synonyms and Antonyms of enchantress

  1. 1 a woman believed to have often harmful supernatural powers when misfortune occurred, it was not uncommon for some unpopular woman of the village to be branded an enchantress Synonyms witch, hag, hex, sorceressRelated Words charmer, conjurer (or conjuror), enchanter, necromancer, voodoo, voodooist; magician, sorcerer, warlock, wizard

  2. 2 a woman whom men find irresistibly attractive Scarlett O'Hara is one of literature's most celebrated enchantresses Synonyms siren, femme fatale, seductress, temptressRelated Words beguiler, charmer, seducer, vamp; sexpot, sex symbol

  3. 3 a lovely woman an enchantress of the silver screen whose legend has only grown over the years Synonyms babe [slang], beauty queen, cookie (or cooky), cutie (or cutey), dolly bird [British], beauty, eyeful, fox, goddess, honey, knockout, queen, stunnerRelated Words belle, charmer, peach; bathing beauty, cover girl, pinup girl; bimbette [slang], bunny, houri, sex kitten, sexpot, sex symbol; cutie-pie, dish, doll, dreamboat [slang], hottie, looker, pretty; coquette, femme fatale, siren, temptress, vampNear Antonyms bag, dog, frump; crone, hag, horror, witch; gorgon, monster

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