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  1. 1 a usually glamorous woman who is preeminent in her field of activity during the years that she was queen of the figure skating world, the endorsement offers poured in Synonyms goddess, princess, divaRelated Words high priestess, priestess; prima donna

  2. 2 a lovely woman most men might not look at her twice, but in her lover's eyes she's a queen Synonyms babe [slang], beauty queen, cookie (or cooky), cutie (or cutey), dolly bird [British], enchantress, eyeful, fox, goddess, honey, knockout, beauty, stunnerRelated Words belle, charmer, peach; bathing beauty, cover girl, pinup girl; bimbette [slang], bunny, houri, sex kitten, sexpot, sex symbol; cutie-pie, dish, doll, dreamboat [slang], hottie, looker, pretty; coquette, femme fatale, siren, temptress, vampNear Antonyms bag, dog, frump; crone, hag, horror, witch; gorgon, monster

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