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  1. 1 a lovely woman not only is she smart, she's a real stunner Synonyms babe [slang], beauty queen, cookie (or cooky), cutie (or cutey), dolly bird [British], enchantress, eyeful, fox, goddess, honey, knockout, queen, beautyRelated Words belle, charmer, peach; bathing beauty, cover girl, pinup girl; bimbette [slang], bunny, houri, sex kitten, sexpot, sex symbol; cutie-pie, dish, doll, dreamboat [slang], hottie, looker, pretty; coquette, femme fatale, siren, temptress, vampNear Antonyms bag, dog, frump; crone, hag, horror, witch; gorgon, monster

  2. 2 something that makes a strong impression because it is so unexpected as expected, the box-office champ was another superhero actioner, but the real stunner was the second-place finish for the low-budget comedy Synonyms bombshell, jar, jaw-dropper, jolt, surpriseRelated Words shock, thunderclap; eye-opener, revelation, shocker; amazement, marvel, wonder; fillip, kick, kicker, twist, wrinkle

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