Synonyms and Antonyms of suitor

  1. 1 a man who courts a woman usually with the goal of marrying her my sister finally married her suitor of six years on Sunday Synonyms gallant, swain, wooer Related Words beau, boyfriend, fellow, man, old man, significant other, squeeze [slang]; admirer, crush, steady; beloved, darling, dear, favorite, flame, honey, love, lover, spark, sweet, sweetheart, sweetie, sweetie pie, valentine; date, escort; fiancé, intended

  2. 2 one who asks earnestly for a favor or gift the inventor had several suitors for his patent, but he wasn't interested in dealing with a big company Synonyms petitioner, pleader, solicitor, supplicant, suppliantRelated Words beggar, mendicant, panhandler; cadger, moocher, schnorrer; asker, requester, suer

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