Synonyms and Antonyms of squeeze

  1. 1 to apply external pressure on so as to force out the juice or contents of <kept squeezing the bottle until the ketchup squirted all over the table> Synonyms crush, express, mash, {h,2}pressRelated Words ream; pulp, puree (or purée); extract, extrude

  2. 2 to fit (people or things) into a tight space <I think we can squeeze a bit more into the washing machine> Synonyms cram, crush, jam, ram, sandwich, shoehorn, crowd, stuff, wedgeRelated Words fill, heap, jam-pack, load, pack

  3. 3 to get with great difficulty <managed to squeeze a living by cleaning houses> Synonyms scrape (up or together), scrounge, eke, wrest, wringRelated Words acquire, attain, draw, earn, gain, land, obtain, procure, secure

  4. 4 to reduce in size or volume by or as if by pressing parts or members together <squeezed the blanket until it fit into the box> Synonyms capsule, capsulize, collapse, compact, condense, constrict, constringe, contract, narrow (down), compress, telescopeRelated Words cram, crowd, jam, jam-pack, pack; abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten; boil down, downsize, shrink; concentrate, consolidate; simplify, streamline; decrease, diminish, lessenNear Antonyms dilate, disperse, dissipate, scatter; distend, inflate, swellAntonyms decompress, expand, open, outspread, outstretch

  5. 5 to rob by the use of trickery or threats <the mob squeezes all the local merchants by threatening violence> Synonyms beat, bilk, bleed, cheat, chisel, chouse, con, cozen, defraud, diddle, do, do in, euchre, fiddle, flimflam, gaff, gyp, hose [slang], hustle, mulct, nobble [British slang], pluck, ream, rip off, rook, screw, shake down, short, shortchange, skin, skunk, fleece, stick, stiff, sting, sucker, swindle, thimblerig, victimizeRelated Words extort, wrench, wrest, wring; clip, gouge, nick, overcharge, soak; exploit, milk; deceive, dupe, fool, gull, trick; rope (in); betray, bitch, double-cross; bamboozle, fast-talk

  6. 6 to force one's way <I was able to squeeze through the people clustered around the luggage carousel> Synonyms bore, bull, bulldoze, crash, elbow, jam, jostle, muscle, push, shoulder, {h,2}pressRelated Words ram, shove, thrust



Synonyms and Antonyms of squeeze

  1. 1 the act or process of reducing the size or volume of something by or as if by pressing <he gave the plastic bag a squeeze and then folded it up for storage> Synonyms compacting, compaction, condensation, condensing, constricting, constriction, contracting, contraction, compression, squeezing, telescopingRelated Words abbreviation, abridgment (or abridgement), curtailment, shortening; concentration, consolidation; simplification, streamlining; decreasing, diminishment, lesseningNear Antonyms dilation, dispersion, dissipation, scattering; distension (or distention), inflation, swellingAntonyms decompression, expansion

  2. 2 slang  a person with whom one is in love <she and her main squeeze are spending Valentine's Day at a romantic country inn> Synonyms beloved, darling, dear, flame, hon, honey, love, sweetheart [slang], sweet, sweetie, sweetie pie, trueloveRelated Words beau, boy, boyfriend, fellow, man, swain; gal, girl, girlfriend, inamorata, ladylove, lass, mistress, tootsie; amour, lover, paramour; doll, duck(s) [chiefly British], pet; date, escort, steady; admirer, gallant, suitor, wooer; groom, husband; bride, wife; significant other; fiancé, intended; crush, heartthrob

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