Synonyms and Antonyms of shove

  1. 1 to apply force to (someone or something) so that it moves in front of one I had to keep shoving my heavy suitcase as I slowly made my way to the head of the line Synonyms drive, propel, push, thrustRelated Words impel, move; bear (down), compress, depress, jam, pressure, squash, squeeze, weigh (upon); bulldoze, compel, force, lean (on or against), muscle, ram

  2. 2 to push steadily against with some force quit shoving your hand in my face Synonyms bear (down on), depress, {h,2}press, weigh (on or upon)Related Words compress, mash, punch, squash, squeeze, squish, squoosh; compel, force, pressure; lean (on or against), muscle; drive, propel, thrust; compact, condense, constrict, contract, crush, scrunch, wring; cram, jam, jam-pack, pack, stuff, wedge

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