Synonyms and Antonyms of dig

  1. 1 a quick thrust gave him a dig in the ribs with my elbow Synonyms dab, poke, jab, lungeRelated Words punch; stab, stick; push, shove; jam, jerk, jog, nudge

  2. 2 an act or expression showing scorn and usually intended to hurt another's feelings got in a couple of digs about lawyers at my friend's expense Synonyms affront, barb, brickbat, cut, dart, insult, dis (also diss) [slang], epithet, gird, indignity, name, offense (or offence), outrage, personality, poke, put-down, sarcasm, slap, slight, slurRelated Words catcall, gibe (or jibe), jeer, mock, quip, sneer, taunt; abuse, invective, vituperation; disapproval, opprobrium; disgrace, dishonor, shame; attack, criticism, knock, slam, swipe; torment, tortureNear Antonyms accolade, commendation, compliment; acclaim, applause, praise; adulation, flattery

  3. 3 digs pl  a room or set of rooms in a private house or a block used as a separate dwelling place check out my new digs on the north side of town Synonyms diggings [chiefly British], digs, flat [chiefly British], lodgings, suite, tenementRelated Words bed-sitter (also bedsit or bed-sitting-room) [British], cohousing, condo, condominium, duplex, duplex apartment, efficiency, efficiency apartment, flatlet [British], floor-through, garden apartment, granny flat [chiefly British], maisonette, penthouse, railroad flat, salon, saloon [chiefly British], studio, studio apartment, triplex, walk-up; gallery, wing; apartment building, apartment house, tenement house



Synonyms and Antonyms of dig

  1. 1 to hollow out or form (something) by removing earth a backhoe dug a hole in the backyard to make a swimming pool Synonyms excavate, shovel Related Words dredge; burrow, claw, grub; dig in; scoop, spade; delve; mine, quarry Near Antonyms fill (in); smooth (out or over)

  2. 2 to take pleasure in I really dig bluegrass music Synonyms adore, delight (in), enjoy, fancy, get off (on), groove (on), like, love, rejoice (in), relish, revel (in), savor (also savour)Related Words admire, appreciate, cherish, revere, venerate, worship; prize, treasure, value; devour, drink (in), eat (up), feast (on); dote (on), idolize; cotton (to), favor, prefer; indulge (in), luxuriate (in), wallow (in)Near Antonyms abhor, abominate, detest, dislike, hate, loathe; condemn, despise, scorn

  3. 3 to have a clear idea of can you dig what I'm saying? Synonyms appreciate, apprehend, assimilate, behold, catch, catch on (to), cognize, compass, conceive, cotton (to or on to), decipher, decode, comprehend, discern, get, grasp, grok, intuit, know, make, make out, perceive, recognize, register, savvy, see, seize, sense, tumble (to), twig, understandRelated Words absorb, digest, take in; realize; fathom, penetrate, pierceNear Antonyms misapprehend, misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misperceive, misread, mistake, misunderstandAntonyms miss

  4. 4 to urge or push forward with or as if with a pointed object every time I slowed down, he'd dig me in the ribs Synonyms prod, goad, spurRelated Words chuck, jab, jog, knock, nudge, poke; bore, drill, perforate, pierce, prick, punch, puncture, stab, stick; drive, hale, propel

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