Synonyms and Antonyms of prod

  1. 1 to urge or push forward with or as if with a pointed object kept prodding the sheep with a staff to move along faster Synonyms dig, goad, spur Related Words chuck, jab, jog, knock, nudge, poke; bore, drill, perforate, pierce, prick, punch, puncture, stab, stick; drive, hale, propel

  2. 2 to try to persuade (someone) through earnest appeals to follow a course of action a public outcry eventually prodded the politicians into action Synonyms egg (on), encourage, exhort, goad, nudge, press, urge, promptRelated Words drive, propel, spur, stimulate; hurry, hustle, push, rush; adjure, beseech, implore, importune; blandish, cajole, coax, soft-soap, wheedle; high-pressure, nag, needle, pressure; foment, incite, instigate, provoke, stir (up)Near Antonyms deter, discourage, dissuade; brake, check, constrain, curb, hold back, inhibit, restrain

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