Synonyms and Antonyms of incitation

  1. 1 something that arouses a strong response from another the rabble-rousing speech was seen by many as an incitation to ethnic violence Synonyms excitement, provocation, incitement, instigationRelated Words encouragement, galvanization, goad, incentive, inducement, jog, prod, spur, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus; enticement, lure; induction, inspiration, motivation; aggravation, annoyance, bother, exasperation, frustration, hassle, headache, irritant, nuisance, peeve, pestNear Antonyms subduing

  2. 2 something that arouses action or activity a mild heart attack was all the incitation he needed to adopt an exercise regimen and a healthy diet Synonyms boost, encouragement, goad, impetus, incentive, impulse, incitement, instigation, momentum, motivation, provocation, spur, stimulant, stimulus, yeastRelated Words inducement, invitation; antecedent, cause, consideration, grounds, motive, occasion, reason; catalyst, catalyzer, fuel, sparkAntonyms counterincentive, disincentive

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