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How does the verb stimulate contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of stimulate are excite, pique, provoke, and quicken. While all these words mean "to arouse as if by pricking," stimulate suggests a rousing out of lethargy, quiescence, or indifference.

stimulating conversation

When would excite be a good substitute for stimulate?

While the synonyms excite and stimulate are close in meaning, excite implies a stirring up or moving profoundly.

news that excited anger and frustration

In what contexts can pique take the place of stimulate?

In some situations, the words pique and stimulate are roughly equivalent. However, pique suggests stimulating by mild irritation or challenge.

that remark piqued my interest

When might provoke be a better fit than stimulate?

The words provoke and stimulate are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, provoke directs attention to the response called forth.

my stories usually provoke laughter

When can quicken be used instead of stimulate?

The meanings of quicken and stimulate largely overlap; however, quicken implies beneficially stimulating and making active or lively.

the high salary quickened her desire to have the job

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