Synonyms and Antonyms of rouse

  1. 1 to cause to stop sleeping <the honking horns roused her from a deep sleep> Synonyms arouse, awake, awaken, knock up [British], wake, wakenRelated Words roust, rout; raise, revive; reawaken, rewake; agitate, bestir, disturb, excite, provoke, stimulate, stirNear Antonyms hypnotize, mesmerizeAntonyms lull

  2. 2 to cease to be asleep <I finally roused around noon, after going to bed very late> Synonyms arouse, awake, awaken, wake, wakenRelated Words arise, get up, rise, roll out, turn out, uprise; watch; revive; reawaken, rewake; shift, stirNear Antonyms catnap, conk (off or out), doze, drop off, nap, nod, rest, sleep, slumber, snooze; bed (down), couch, doss (down) [chiefly British], flop, kip (down) [British], retire, sack out, turn in; lie up, sleep in; oversleep

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a harsh rebuke

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