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How does the verb vex differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of vex are annoy, bother, and irk. While all these words mean "to upset a person's composure," vex implies greater provocation and stronger disturbance and usually connotes anger but sometimes perplexity or anxiety.

vexed by her son's failure to clean his room

Where would annoy be a reasonable alternative to vex?

The synonyms annoy and vex are sometimes interchangeable, but annoy implies a wearing on the nerves by persistent petty unpleasantness.

their constant complaining annoys us

When can bother be used instead of vex?

While the synonyms bother and vex are close in meaning, bother suggests interference with comfort or peace of mind.

don't bother me while I'm reading

When is it sensible to use irk instead of vex?

In some situations, the words irk and vex are roughly equivalent. However, irk stresses difficulty in enduring and the resulting weariness or impatience of spirit.

careless waste irks the boss

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