Synonyms and Antonyms of exercise

  1. 1 energetic movement of the body for the sake of physical fitness the doctor ordered plenty of fresh air and exercise Synonyms activity, conditioning, exertion Related Words training, warm-up, workout; toning, trimming; aerobics, athletics, bodybuilding, body mechanics, calisthenics, gymnastics, isometrics, plyometrics, slimnastics, weight lifting; physical therapy

  2. 2 something done over and over in order to develop skill a young piano student dutifully going through the standard finger exercises Synonyms drill, practice (also practise), routine, training, workout Related Words assignment, homework, lesson; brushup, refresher, review

  3. 3 the act or practice of employing something for a particular purpose the observation that the best exercise for losing weight is the exercise of one's ability to say no to food Synonyms application, employment, use, operation, play, usageRelated Words exertion; reuseNear Antonyms disuse, nonuse



Synonyms and Antonyms of exercise

  1. 1 to bring to bear especially forcefully or effectively a senator who consistently exercises his clout in Congress to get pork barrel projects for his state Synonyms apply, exert, ply, put out, wieldRelated Words employ, use, utilize; abuse, misapply, misuse

  2. 2 to do over and over so as to become skilled the only way to exercise your writing skills is to do more writing Synonyms practice, rehearse, run overRelated Words groove, perfect, refine; point (for), prepare (for), train (with); drill, repeat; work (at or on); review, study

  3. 3 to put into action or service commended the firefighters for exercising really good judgment in that emergency Synonyms apply, employ, use, exploit, harness, operate, utilizeRelated Words handle, manipulate, wield; direct, run, work; cannibalize, recycle, reuseNear Antonyms ignore, neglect; misapply, misuse

  4. 4 to trouble the mind of; to make uneasy the slightest change in travel plans is enough to get him all exercised Synonyms agitate, ail, alarm (also alarum), bother, concern, derail, discomfort, discompose, dismay, disquiet, distemper, distract, distress, disturb, flurry, frazzle, freak (out), fuss, hagride, perturb, undo, unhinge, unsettle, upset, weird out, worryRelated Words aggravate, anger, annoy, bug, chafe, chivy (or chivvy), exasperate, fret, gall, get, grate, harass, harry, irk, irritate, nettle, peeve, pester, pique, put off, put out, rile, vex; bedevil, haunt, plague; abash, confound, confuse, discomfit, disconcert, discountenance, embarrass, faze, fluster, jar, mortify, nonplus, rattle, shake up; daunt, demoralize, discourage, dishearten, dispirit, unnerveNear Antonyms allay, alleviate, assuage; appease, conciliate, mollify, pacify, placate, propitiateAntonyms calm, compose, quiet, settle, soothe, tranquilize (also tranquillize)

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