Synonyms and Antonyms of exertion

  1. 1 energetic movement of the body for the sake of physical fitness often the television addict's greatest attempt at exertion was switching channels on the remote control Synonyms activity, conditioning, exerciseRelated Words training, warm-up, workout; toning, trimming; aerobics, athletics, bodybuilding, body mechanics, calisthenics, gymnastics, isometrics, plyometrics, slimnastics, weight lifting; physical therapy

  2. 2 the active use of energy in producing a result the number of blueberries that we were finding was hardly worth the exertion Synonyms elbow grease, effort, expenditure, labor, pains, sweat, trouble, while, workRelated Words drudgery, grind, slog, strain, toil, travail; dint, energy; force, might, muscle, power, puissance; attempt, endeavor, essay, fling, go, pass, shot, stab, trial, try, whackNear Antonyms adroitness, ease, facility, fluency, smoothness; dormancy, idleness, inaction, inactivity, indolence, inertia, languor, laziness, quiescence

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