Synonyms and Antonyms of energy

  1. 1 a spiritual force that is held to emanate from or give animation to living beings many Eastern cultures believe in the significance of life energy in the healing process Synonyms of energy aura, chi (or ch'i also qi), ki, vibe(s), vibration(s) Words Related to energy inner light, light, nature, orgone, soul, spirit; élan vital, life, lifeblood, Shakti (also Sakti), world soul; karma, mana

  2. 2 active strength of body or mind for a woman of advanced years, she has remarkable energy Synonyms of energy beans, bounce, brio, dash, drive, dynamism, vigor, esprit, gas, get-up-and-go, ginger, go, gusto, hardihood, juice, life, moxie, oomph, pep, punch, sap, snap, starch, verve, vim, vinegar, vitality, zing, zipWords Related to energy animal spirits, animation, briskness, jauntiness, liveliness, snappiness, spirit, spiritedness, sprightliness, spunk, spunkiness, vibrance, vibrancy, vivaciousness, vivacity; ardor, élan, fervor, fire, passion, zeal; main, metal, mettle, might, muscle, potency, power, puissance, stamina, strength; brawniness, fitness, hardiness, huskiness, sturdiness, virility; health, healthiness, soundness, verdure, wellnessNear Antonyms of energy indolence, laziness; debilitation, debility, delicacy, disablement, enfeeblement, faintness, feebleness, frailness, frailty, impotence, impotency, infirmity, powerlessness, puniness, slightness, softness, tenderness, weakness; enervation, exhaustion, inanition, prostrationAntonyms of energy lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness, torpidity

  3. 3 something with a usable capacity for doing work some of the power needs of the house are provided by solar energy Synonyms of energy fuel, powerWords Related to energy kindling, propellant (also propellent); force

  4. 4 the ability to exert effort for the accomplishment of a task I'm so tired that I don't think I have the energy to take another step Synonyms of energy power, firepower, force, horsepower, might, muscle, potence, potency, puissance, sinew, strength, vigorWords Related to energy aptitude, capability, capacity, competence, competency; adequacy, effectiveness, effectualness, usefulnessNear Antonyms of energy disability, inability, inaptitude, incapability, incapableness, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency; ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, ineffectualness, inefficaciousness, inefficacy, uselessness; helplessness, paralysisAntonyms of energy impotence, impotency, powerlessness, weakness

Synonym Discussion of energy

power, force, energy, strength, might mean the ability to exert effort. power may imply latent or exerted physical, mental, or spiritual ability to act or be acted upon.
    • the awesome power of flowing water
force implies the actual effective exercise of power.
    • used enough force to push the door open
energy applies to power expended or capable of being transformed into work.
    • a worker with boundless energy
strength applies to the quality or property of a person or thing that makes possible the exertion of force or the withstanding of strain, pressure, or attack.
    • use weight training to build your strength
might implies great or overwhelming power or strength.
    • the belief that might makes right

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