Synonyms and Antonyms of enlighten

  1. 1 to give information to the lecturer at the planetarium enlightened us about the latest astronomical discoveries Synonyms acquaint, advise, apprise, brief, catch up, clear, clue (in), familiarize, fill in, hip, inform, instruct, tell, verse, wise (up) Related Words advertise, alert, notify; announce (to), disclose (to); assure, certify, convince, reassure, warrant; educate, lecture, school, teach, tutor; disabuse, disenchant, disillusion, undeceive Phrases keep (one) posted, let (one) know Near Antonyms misinform, mislead

  2. 2 to provide (someone) with moral or spiritual understanding many people around the world have been enlightened by the teachings of Gautama Buddha Synonyms edify, educate, illume, illuminate, illumine, inspire, nurture Related Words elevate, ennoble, enrich, ensoul, lift, uplift; better, improve, regenerate, renew, transform; exalt, glorify, transfigure Near Antonyms confuse, perplex, puzzle; becloud, cloud, darken, obscure

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clearly seen through or understood

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