Synonyms and Antonyms of educate

  1. 1 to cause to acquire knowledge or skill in some field <a revered professor of astronomy who is credited with educating many of today's leading astronomers> Synonyms teach, indoctrinate, instruct, lesson, school, train, tutorRelated Words coach, mentor; drill, fit, ground, habilitate, prepare, prime, qualify; direct, guide, lead, rear; catechize, lecture, moralize, preach; implant, inculcate, instill (also instil); homeschool; edify, enlighten; brief, familiarize, impart (to), inform, verse; initiate, introduce, show; reeducate, reschool, reteach, retrain

  2. 2 to provide (someone) with moral or spiritual understanding <the belief that parents better educate their children by example than by sending them to Sunday school> Synonyms edify, enlighten, illume, illuminate, illumine, inspire, nurtureRelated Words elevate, ennoble, enrich, ensoul, lift, uplift; better, improve, regenerate, renew, transform; exalt, glorify, transfigureNear Antonyms confuse, perplex, puzzle; becloud, cloud, darken, obscure

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