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to make (one person) known (to another) socially a friend introduced him to the woman who later became his wife

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How does the verb introduce contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of introduce are insert, insinuate, intercalate, interject, interpolate, and interpose. While all these words mean "to put between or among others," introduce is a general term for bringing or placing a thing or person into a group or body already in existence.

introduced a new topic into the conversation

When can insert be used instead of introduce?

The words insert and introduce can be used in similar contexts, but insert implies putting into a fixed or open space between or among.

inserted a clause in the contract

When is it sensible to use insinuate instead of introduce?

The synonyms insinuate and introduce are sometimes interchangeable, but insinuate implies introducing gradually or by gentle pressure.

insinuated himself into the group

When would intercalate be a good substitute for introduce?

While in some cases nearly identical to introduce, intercalate suggests an intrusive inserting of something in an existing series or sequence.

new chapters intercalated with the old

In what contexts can interject take the place of introduce?

While the synonyms interject and introduce are close in meaning, interject implies an abrupt or forced introduction.

interjected a question

When might interpolate be a better fit than introduce?

The words interpolate and introduce are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, interpolate applies to the inserting of something extraneous or spurious.

interpolated her own comments into the report

When could interpose be used to replace introduce?

Although the words interpose and introduce have much in common, interpose suggests inserting an obstruction or cause of delay.

interpose barriers to communication

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