Synonyms and Antonyms of meet

  1. a competitive encounter between individuals or groups carried on for amusement, exercise, or in pursuit of a prize a swim meet Synonyms bout, competition, contest, event, match, matchup, game, sweepstakes (also sweep-stake), tournament, tourneyRelated Words athletics, sport; battle, conflict, scrimmage, skirmish, struggle, tug-of-war, tussle; championship, national(s); final, nightcap, play-off, semifinal; derby, field day, gymkhana, open, outing; biathlon, decathlon, heptathlon, pentathlon, triathlon; marathon, race, ultramarathon; heat, round, run, set; rally, volley; round-robin, rubber, runoff, sudden death; dead heat, photo finish, seesaw; classic



Synonyms and Antonyms of meet

  1. 1 to come upon face-to-face or as if face-to-face we never once met another car on that lonely country road Synonyms catch, chance (upon), encounter, happen (upon), stumble (upon) Related Words accost, confront; face, greet, salute; collide (with), crash (into); crisscross, cross, pass; hit (upon), light (upon), tumble (to); reencounter, remeet Phrases bump into, cross paths (with), run across, run into, run upon Near Antonyms avoid, dodge, duck, elude, escape, evade, shake, shun

  2. 2 to come together into one body or place we'll meet for dinner, with a discussion to follow, next week Synonyms cluster, collect, concenter, concentrate, conglomerate, congregate, convene, converge, forgather (or foregather), gather, assemble, rendezvousRelated Words affiliate, ally, associate, band (together), caucus, club, collaborate, confederate, conjoin, consolidate, consort, cooperate, couple, federate, gang up, join, merge, unite; reassemble, reconvene, regather, remeetNear Antonyms depart, leave, take off; disjoin, dissociate, disuniteAntonyms break up, disband, disperse, split (up)

  3. 3 to come upon unexpectedly or by chance met her future husband at a party Synonyms chance (upon), encounter, find, hit (upon), light (on or upon), happen, pitch (upon), stumble (on or onto), tumble (upon)Related Words luck (out, on, onto, or into); confront, face; discover, strike, turn up

  4. 4 to do what is required by the terms of a financially struggling city trying to meet its loans Synonyms answer, complete, comply (with), fill, keep, fulfill, redeem, satisfyRelated Words conclude, consummate, finalize, finish, perfect; accomplish, achieve, bring about, bring off, carry out, effect; commit, compass, discharge, execute, follow through (with), make, performNear Antonyms default (on); disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, overlook, overpass, pass over, slightAntonyms breach, break, transgress, violate

  5. 5 to enter into contest or conflict with the up-and-coming boxer will meet the reigning champ for the first time tomorrow Synonyms battle, encounter, face, engage, take onRelated Words emulate, rival; contend, fight, opposeNear Antonyms elude, escape, evade; retreat

  6. 6 to produce something equal to (as in quality or value) I'll meet your bet, nay, I'll even raise it Synonyms match, equal, tieRelated Words beat, better, eclipse, excel, outdistance, outdo, outshine, outstrip, overtop, surpass, top, transcend; amount (to), approach, touch; approximate, keep up, measure up (to), parallel, rival, stack up (against or with)

  7. 7 to put up with (something painful or difficult) trying to meet the challenge of going to college while working at a full-time job Synonyms abide, absorb, accept, bide [chiefly dialect], brook, countenance, endure, go, hack, handle, bear, pocket, stand, stick out, stomach, support, sustain, sweat out, take, tolerate, wear [British]Related Words allow, permit, suffer, swallow; reconcile (to); acquiesce, agree (with or to), assent (to), capitulate, consent (to), respect, submit (to), yield (to)Near Antonyms decline, dismiss, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, turn down; combat, contest, fight, oppose, resist; avoid, bypass, circumvent, dodge, elude, escape, evade, miss; abstain (from), forbear, refrain (from)

  8. 8 to give what is owed for I paid a portion of the long-distance bill to keep my carrier from cutting off service until I can meet the remainder of the charges Synonyms ante up, balance, clear, discharge, foot, liquidate, pay, pay off, pay up, pony up, quit, recompense, settle, spring (for), standAntonyms repudiate

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