Synonyms and Antonyms of incompetent

  1. lacking qualities (as knowledge, skill, or ability) required to do a job <an incompetent carpenter had built the deck, and the railings were loose already> Synonyms inapt, incapable, inept, inexpert, unable, unfit, unfitted, unqualified, unskilled, unskillful Related Words ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient; amateurish, callow, dilettantish, green, inexperienced, raw, unprofessional; unequipped, unprepared, untrained; useless, worthless; disqualified, ineligible; wanting Near Antonyms prepared, ready, trained; overqualified; accomplished, ace, adept, consummate, crack, experienced, practiced (also practised), seasoned, veteran, virtuoso; all-around (also all-round), protean, versatile Antonyms able, capable, competent, expert, fit, qualified, skilled, skillful, ultracompetent

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