Synonyms and Antonyms of callow

  1. lacking in adult experience or maturity a story about a callow youth who learns the value of hard work and self-reliance Synonyms adolescent, green, immature, inexperienced, juvenile, puerile, raw, unfledged, unformed, unripe, unripened Related Words babyish, childish, infantile, infantilized, infantine; boyish, girlish, juvenescent, kiddish, young, youngish, youthful; maidenly, virginal; ingenuous, innocent, naive (or naïve), tender; unknowing, unseasoned, unsophisticated, untrained, untried Phrases wet behind the ears Near Antonyms advanced, precocious; knowing, savvy, sophisticated, worldly, worldly-wise Antonyms adult, experienced, grown-up, mature, ripe

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