Synonyms and Antonyms of concentrate

  1. 1 to increase the amount of (a substance in a mixture) by removing other substances prolonged boiling is required to concentrate the sap when making maple syrup Synonyms condense Related Words clarify, clean, cleanse, distill (also distil), flush, leach, purge, purify, refine; boil down, decoct, reduce; compact, harden, solidify; deepen, enhance, heighten, intensify; evaporate, extract, remove; enrich, fortify, richen, strengthen; reconcentrate, recondense Near Antonyms adulterate, cut, thin, weaken Antonyms dilute, water (down)

  2. 2 to fix (as one's attention) steadily toward a central objective a president who will try to concentrate public attention on the problems of inner cities Synonyms center, fasten, focus, rivet, train Related Words aim, direct, home (in on), hone in (on), level, nail, point, set, zero (in on); attend, heed, mind; fixate (on), obsess (over); refocus

  3. 3 to bring (something) to a central point or under a single control time to concentrate our efforts on the really important problems that confront us Synonyms center, compact, concenter, centralize, consolidate, polarize, unify, uniteRelated Words coordinate, harmonize, integrate, orchestrate; blend, coalesce, combine, fuse, incorporate, merge, reduce; conjoin, join, link; assemble, collect, colligate, gather; reunify, reuniteNear Antonyms segregate, separateAntonyms decentralize, deconcentrate, spread (out)

  4. 4 to bring together in one body or place concentrate your forces on the right side of the battlefield Synonyms accumulate, amass, assemble, bulk (up), collect, gather, congregate, constellate, corral, garner, group, lump, pick up, round upRelated Words ball, batch, bunch, cluster, huddle; heap, pile, stack; band, brigade, muster, raise, rally; flock, herd, hive, pack, press, swarm, throng; combine, connect, join, link, merge, pool, unite; archive, arrange, collate, compile, organize, systematize; scrape (up or together); re-collect, regather, regroupNear Antonyms break up, disband, disintegrate, dissolve, separate, sever, split (up); dismiss, sendAntonyms dispel, disperse, dissipate, scatter

  5. 5 to come together into one body or place recent immigrants tend to concentrate in port cities Synonyms cluster, collect, concenter, assemble, conglomerate, congregate, convene, converge, forgather (or foregather), gather, meet, rendezvousRelated Words affiliate, ally, associate, band (together), caucus, club, collaborate, confederate, conjoin, consolidate, consort, cooperate, couple, federate, gang up, join, merge, unite; reassemble, reconvene, regather, remeetNear Antonyms depart, leave, take off; disjoin, dissociate, disuniteAntonyms break up, disband, disperse, split (up)

  6. 6 to gradually form into a layer, pile, or mass the ozone layer is concentrated 20 to 30 miles above the Earth's surface Synonyms accrete, accumulate, amass, build up, collect, conglomerate, gather, mass, pile (up), stack (up)Related Words agglutinate, clump, lump; bank, drift, ridgeNear Antonyms disperse, dissipate, scatter

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