Synonyms and Antonyms of concentrated

  1. 1 having an abundance of some characteristic quality (as flavor) a concentrated mixture of lemonade and iced tea Synonyms big, full-bodied, full, heady, lusty, muscular, plush, potent, rich, robust, strongRelated Words heavy; straight, undiluted, unmixed; high-octane, high-test; enriched, fortified; full-bodiedNear Antonyms dilute, diluted, watered-down, wateryAntonyms delicate, light, mild, thin, thinned, weak, weakened

  2. 2 not divided or scattered among several areas of interest or concern when you get a private conference with that financial adviser, you get nothing but his concentrated attention Synonyms all, whole, entire, exclusive, focused (also focussed), undividedRelated Words absolute, complete, full, lump, teetotal, thorough, total, unadulterated, unalloyed, unqualified, utter; comprehensive, intact, integral, perfect, unbrokenNear Antonyms deficient, fragmental, fragmentary, halfway, incomplete, partialAntonyms diffuse, divided, scattered

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