Synonyms and Antonyms of delicate

  1. 1 satisfying or pleasing because of fineness or mildness a heavy sauce would spoil the delicate flavor of this fish Synonyms of delicate airy, dainty, exquisite, nuanced, refined, subtle Words Related to delicate choice, elegant, extraordinary, incomparable, peerless, preeminent, prime, rare, select, superior, superlative, supreme, transcendent, unsurpassed; picked, selected; fine, fragile, frail Near Antonyms of delicate coarse, crude, rough; common, ordinary; average, fair, indifferent, mediocre, medium, middling, run-of-the-mill, second-rate Antonyms of delicate robust, strong, sturdy

  2. 2 able to sense slight impressions or differences only a person with delicate taste buds could tell the difference between these two wines Synonyms of delicate acute, fine, keen, perceptive, quick, sensitive, sharpWords Related to delicate accurate, clear, discerning, good, piercing, precise, receptive, sensible, subtle; hair-trigger, hyperacute, hypersensitive, oversensitive, supersensitiveNear Antonyms of delicate bad, deadened, dimmed, dull, dulled, fading; dead, imperceptive, insensible, insensitive, numb; imprecise, inaccurate

  3. 3 accomplished with trained ability the delicate handling of a difficult diplomatic situation Synonyms of delicate adroit, artful, bravura, deft, skillful, dexterous (also dextrous), expert, masterful, masterly, practiced (also practised), virtuoso, workmanlikeWords Related to delicate facile, smooth; artistic, creative, fancy, ingenious, neat; adept, clever, cunning; able, adequate, capable, competentNear Antonyms of delicate awkward, clumsy, crude, klutzy; ineffective, ineffectual; incompetent, ineptAntonyms of delicate amateur, amateurish, artless, rude, unprofessional, unskillful

  4. 4 easily broken delicate glassware that must be carefully wrapped for shipping Synonyms of delicate breakable, fragile, frail, frangibleWords Related to delicate dainty, fine, gossamer; eggshell, flimsy, slight, tenuous; brittle, crisp, crispy, crumbly, crushable, embrittled, flaky (also flakey), friable, shaky, shivery, short; feeble, infirm, soft, spindly, tender, weak; inelastic, inflexible, stiffNear Antonyms of delicate compact, firm, hard, rigid, solid, substantial, unyielding; elastic, flexible, resilient, rubberlike, rubbery, springy, stretch, stretchable, suppleAntonyms of delicate infrangible, nonbreakable, strong, sturdy, tough, unbreakable

  5. 5 easily injured without careful handling the delicate ecosystem of the wetlands Synonyms of delicate tender, fragile, frail, sensitiveWords Related to delicate breakable, brittle, crushable, eggshell, frangible, friable; feeble, flimsy, puny, slight, soft, tenuous, weak; nonhardy, perishable, resistless, susceptible, unresistant, vulnerable, yieldingNear Antonyms of delicate durable, firm, flinty, hard, hardy, resistant, robust, rugged, solid, sound, stiff, stout, strong, sturdy, substantial; infrangible, nonbreakable, unbreakable; hardened, inured, strengthened, tempered, toughenedAntonyms of delicate tough

  6. 6 hard to please a person of delicate tastes Synonyms of delicate choosy (or choosey), dainty, finicky, demanding, exacting, fastidious, finical, finicking, fussbudgety, fussy, nice, old-maidish, particular, pernickety [chiefly British], persnickety, pickyWords Related to delicate hyperfastidious, overdemanding, ultrafastidious; discerning, discriminating, selective; insightful, knowledgeable; captious, carping, caviling (or cavilling), critical, faultfinding, hypercritical, overcritical; careful, meticulous, painstaking, punctilious, scrupulous; queasy (also queazy), squeamish; peevish, petulant, prickly, touchy; niminy-piminy, prim, prissyNear Antonyms of delicate affable, breezy, carefree, devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky, lackadaisical, laid-back, low-pressure, relaxed; flexible, lax, loose; lenient, permissive; uncritical; indiscriminating, undiscriminatingAntonyms of delicate undemanding, unfastidious, unfussy

  7. 7 having qualities that appeal to a refined taste delicate perfumes that only a connoisseur of scents would appreciate Synonyms of delicate dainty, choice, elegant, exquisite, fine, rare, recherché, selectWords Related to delicate bijou, jewellike; better, exceptional, fancy, high-grade, special; elite, exclusive; classic, excellent, fabulous, first-class, first-rate, grand, great, marvelous (or marvellous), noble, outstanding, par excellence, premium, prime, sensational, splendid, stellar, sterling, superb, superior, superlative, supernal, terrific, tip-top, top, top-notch, transcendant, unsurpassed, wonderful; ultrarareNear Antonyms of delicate coarse, gross, kitsch, kitschy, lowbrow, raffish, rough, rough-hewn, tasteless, uncultivated, uncultured, unpolished, unrefined, vulgar; commercial, mass-produced, popular; common, ordinary; average, lesser, mediocre, run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mine (or run-of-mine), second-class, second-rate; deficient, inferior, low-grade, substandard, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, wanting

  8. 8 lacking bodily strength a delicate child who was never allowed to play sports Synonyms of delicate asthenic, debilitated, weak, down-and-out, effete, enervated, enfeebled, faint, feeble, frail, infirm, languid, low, prostrate, prostrated, sapped, slight, soft, softened, tender, unsubstantial, wasted, weakened, wimpish, wimpyWords Related to delicate challenged, disabled, incapacitated, invalid; paralyzed; broken-down, decrepit; impotent, powerless; breakable, flimsy, fragile; dizzy, groggy, rocky, unsteady, woozy; drained, exhausted, flagging, tired, weary, worn-out; damaged, harmed, hurt, impaired, injured, lame, unsound; resistless, susceptible, unresistant, vulnerable, yieldingNear Antonyms of delicate able-bodied, athletic, beefy, brawny, fit, husky, muscular, sinewy, strapping, virile; hard, hardy, lusty, red-blooded, robust, sturdy, tough; fortified, hardened, inured, strengthened, toughened; energetic, energized, invigorated, vigorous, vitalized; hale, healthy, sound; capable, competent; convalescing, recovering, recuperatingAntonyms of delicate mighty, powerful, rugged, stalwart, stout, strong

  9. 9 made or done with extreme care and accuracy delicate measurements of brain tumors that are only possible using the latest medical technology Synonyms of delicate fine, exact, finespun, hairline, hairsplitting, minute, nice, nuanced, refined, subtleWords Related to delicate nitpicking, quibbling; frivolous, inconsequential, inconsiderable, insignificant, negligible, petty, piddling, trifling, trivial; demanding, exacting, fastidious, finical, finicking, finicky, fussy, meticulous, particular, pickyNear Antonyms of delicate apparent, clear, clear-cut, evident, manifest, obvious, open-and-shut, palpable, patent, perspicuous, plain, transparent, unambiguous, unequivocal, unmistakable; broad, indefinite; careless, heedless, incautious, slapdash, slipshod, sloppyAntonyms of delicate coarse, inexact, rough

  10. 10 meeting the highest standard of accuracy extremely delicate instruments such as an atomic clock Synonyms of delicate accurate, close, precise, exact, fine, hairline, mathematical, pinpoint, refined, rigorous, spot-onWords Related to delicate correct, right, strict, true; definite, definitive; nice, subtle; careful, fastidious, finical, finicky, meticulousNear Antonyms of delicate approximate, round; false, incorrect, untrue, wrong; careless, loose; indefinite, unclear, vague; doubtful, dubious, questionable, unreliable, untrustworthyAntonyms of delicate coarse, imprecise, inaccurate, inexact, rough

  11. 11 not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect a delicate breeze was floating in from the open window Synonyms of delicate balmy, benign, bland, gentle, light, mellow, mild, nonabrasive, soft, soothing, tenderWords Related to delicate calm, pacific, peaceful, placid, quiet, serene, tranquil; clement, compassionate, easy, lenient, merciful; buffering, cushioning, emollient, softening; sleek, slick, smoothNear Antonyms of delicate exquisite, fierce, intense, powerful, severe; forceful, forcible, savage, violent; roughened, rugged, strong; abrading, irritating, roughening; grim, gruff, rude, stiff; heavy-handed, oppressive, pitiless, tyrannical (also tyrannic)Antonyms of delicate abrasive, caustic, coarse, hard, harsh, rough, scathing, stern, ungentle

  12. 12 requiring exceptional skill or caution in performance or handling the delicate challenge of inviting two people who don't like each other to the same party Synonyms of delicate catchy, tricky, difficult, dodgy [chiefly British], hairy, knotty, nasty, prickly, problematic (also problematical), sensitive, spiny, sticky, thorny, ticklish, touchy, tough, tricksyWords Related to delicate abstract, abstruse, complex, complicated, hard, intricate, involved, recondite, serious; problem, scabrous, stubborn, troublesome, troublous, vexatious, vexing, worrisome; burdensome, demanding, discommoding, exacting, exhausting, importunate, inconvenient, onerous, oppressive, painful, stressfulNear Antonyms of delicate easy, effortless, manageable, painless, simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, undemanding, unproblematic

Synonym Discussion of delicate

choice, exquisite, elegant, rare, delicate, dainty mean having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste. choice stresses preeminence in quality or kind.
    • choice fabric
exquisite implies a perfection in workmanship or design that appeals only to very sensitive taste.
    • an exquisite gold bracelet
elegant applies to what is rich and luxurious but restrained by good taste.
    • a sumptuous but elegant dining room
rare suggests an uncommon excellence.
    • rare beauty
delicate implies exquisiteness, subtlety, and fragility.
    • delicate craftsmanship
dainty sometimes carries an additional suggestion of smallness and of appeal to the eye or palate.
    • dainty sandwiches

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