Synonyms and Antonyms of creative

  1. 1 having the skill and imagination to create new things Thomas Edison's status as perhaps America's greatest creative genius Synonyms clever, imaginative, ingenious, innovational, innovative, innovatory, inventive, original, originative, Promethean Related Words gifted, inspired, talented; resourceful; fecund, fertile, fruitful, generative, germinal, productive, prolific Near Antonyms imitative, uninspired; infertile, unproductive; talentless Antonyms uncreative, unimaginative, uninventive, unoriginal

  2. 2 showing a noteworthy use of the imagination and creativity especially in inventing always coming up with creative ways to use hamburger Synonyms artful, clever, imaginative, ingenious, innovative, inventiveRelated Words adventurous, fresh, groundbreaking, novel, original, visionary; cleverish, gadgety, gimmicky; convenient, handy, neat, nifty, practical, useful; complex, sophisticated; adroit, deft, dexterous (also dextrous), expert, handsome, tricky; brainy, intelligent, sharp, smartNear Antonyms dull, pedantic, pedestrian, stodgy; assembly-line, canned, cookie-cutter, derivative, hackneyed, unoriginal; impractical, uselessAntonyms uncreative, unimaginative

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