Synonyms and Antonyms of fragile

  1. 1 easily broken attaching the beautiful but fragile ornaments to the Christmas tree is always a touchy operation Synonyms of fragile breakable, delicate, frail, frangible Words Related to fragile dainty, fine, gossamer; eggshell, flimsy, slight, tenuous; brittle, crisp, crispy, crumbly, crushable, embrittled, flaky (also flakey), friable, shaky, shivery, short; feeble, infirm, soft, spindly, tender, weak; inelastic, inflexible, stiff Near Antonyms of fragile compact, firm, hard, rigid, solid, substantial, unyielding; elastic, flexible, resilient, rubberlike, rubbery, springy, stretch, stretchable, supple Antonyms of fragile infrangible, nonbreakable, strong, sturdy, tough, unbreakable

  2. 2 easily injured without careful handling babies are fragile, so remember to care for them gently Synonyms of fragile delicate, tender, frail, sensitiveWords Related to fragile breakable, brittle, crushable, eggshell, frangible, friable; feeble, flimsy, puny, slight, soft, tenuous, weak; nonhardy, perishable, resistless, susceptible, unresistant, vulnerable, yieldingNear Antonyms of fragile durable, firm, flinty, hard, hardy, resistant, robust, rugged, solid, sound, stiff, stout, strong, sturdy, substantial; infrangible, nonbreakable, unbreakable; hardened, inured, strengthened, tempered, toughenedAntonyms of fragile tough

  3. 3 small in degree a fragile possibility that we might emerge from this fiasco unscathed Synonyms of fragile remote, frail, negligible, off, outside, slight, slim, smallWords Related to fragile marginal, minimal, minor; little, tinyNear Antonyms of fragile great, large; distinct, significant; considerable, goodly, healthy, largish, respectable, significant, sizable (or sizeable), substantial, tidyAntonyms of fragile good

Synonym Discussion of fragile

fragile, frangible, brittle, crisp, friable mean breaking easily. fragile implies extreme delicacy of material or construction and need for careful handling.
    • a fragile antique chair
frangible implies susceptibility to being broken without implying weakness or delicacy.
    • frangible stone used for paving
brittle implies hardness together with lack of elasticity or flexibility or toughness.
    • brittle bones
crisp implies a firmness and brittleness desirable especially in some foods.
    • crisp lettuce
friable applies to substances that are easily crumbled or pulverized.
    • friable soil

synonyms see in addition weak

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of very fine texture or delicate form

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