Synonyms and Antonyms of pacific

  1. 1 tending to lessen or avoid conflict or hostility as a pacific gesture, we invited our feuding neighbors to our backyard barbecue Synonyms appeasing, conciliating, conciliatory, disarming, mollifying, pacifying, peacemaking, placating, placatory, propitiatory Related Words endearing, ingratiating, winning, winsome; peaceable, peaceful; nonbelligerent, unaggressive, unassertive; calming, comforting, lulling, quieting, relaxing, soothing, tranquilizing (also tranquillizing); obliging, satisfying; affable, agreeable, amiable, amicable, benevolent, genial, gentle, good-natured, good-tempered, kind, kindly; passive, submissive, surrendering, yielding Near Antonyms abrasive, aggravating, annoying, chafing, exasperating, frustrating, galling, inflammatory, irksome, irritating, maddening, nagging, nettlesome, nettling, offensive, provocative, provoking, rankling, riling, vexing; engaging, incensing, infuriating, maddening; antagonistic, antipathetic, hostile, inhospitable, inimical, unfriendly, unsympathetic; aggressive, agonistic, argumentative, assertive, bellicose, belligerent, combative, confrontational, contentious, pugnacious, quarrelsome, scrappy, truculent; martial, militant, militaristic, military, warlike Antonyms antagonizing

  2. 2 inclined to live in peace and to avoid war a pacific nation that has managed to remain neutral even during times of world conflict Synonyms dovish, peaceful, pacifist (or pacifistic), peaceableRelated Words irenic, nonaggressive, nonbelligerent, noncombative, unaggressive, unwarlike; antimilitarist, antimilitaristic, antiviolence, antiwar; calm, mild, neutral, quiet, relaxed, serene, tranquil; affable, amiable, amicable, benevolent, genial, gentle, kind, kindly; submissive, yieldingNear Antonyms militarist, militaristic; aggressive, bellicose, belligerent, combative, contentious, discordant, pugnacious, quarrelsome, scrappy, truculent; antagonistic, argumentative, fierce, gladiatorial, hostile, hot-temperedAntonyms bloodthirsty, hawkish, martial, warlike

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