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  1. 1 having a natural dislike for something a series of adventure books that turned boys who had been antipathetic to reading into avid readers Synonyms allergic, averse Related Words afraid, disinclined, loath (also loth or loathe), reluctant, unwilling; antagonistic, hostile, intolerant, negative, opposed, opposing, resistant, resisting, uncongenial, unfriendly, unsympathetic; disgusted, nauseated, repelled, repulsed, revolted, shocked, squeamish, turned off Phrases down on Near Antonyms friendly, sympathetic, tolerant, understanding; admiring, appreciative, charmed, delighted, fond, pleased, tickled

  2. 2 marked by opposition or ill will the mayor has always had an openly antipathetic relationship with the local press Synonyms adversarial, adversary, antagonistic, hostile, inhospitable, inimical, jaundiced, mortal, negative, unfriendly, unsympatheticRelated Words adverse, argumentative, bellicose, belligerent, clashing, combative, conflicting, contentious, contrary, disputatious, militant, opposed, pugnacious, quarrelsome, resisting, scrappy, truculent; antisocial, cold, cool, disagreeable, disapproving, distant, frigid, icy; biased, prejudiced; discourteous, ill-bred, ill-mannered, impertinent, impolite, inconsiderate, rude, surly, uncivil, unfavorable, unkind, unmannerly, unpleasant, unsociable; acrimonious, bitter, despiteful, hateful, malevolent, malicious, malign, malignant, opprobrious, rancorous, spiteful, unloving, vindictive, virulentNear Antonyms affable, amiable, amicable, civil, companionable, comradely, convivial, cordial, genial, good-natured, good-tempered, gracious, gregarious, neighborly, pleasant, sociable, social, warm; affectionate, devoted, kind, kindly, loving, nice, sweet; accepting, agreeable, approving, benign, empathetic, favorable, understanding, warmhearted, welcomingAntonyms friendly, hospitable, nonantagonistic, nonhostile, sympathetic

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to criticize severely

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