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  1. 1 not favoring or joined to either side in a quarrel, contest, or war Sweden remained neutral during World War II, refusing to join either side in the conflict Synonyms nonpartisan Related Words nonaligned; hands-off, noninterventionist; autonomous, independent, sovereign (also sovran), unaffiliated; nonbelligerent; individualistic; disinterested, evenhanded, fair, impartial, indifferent, unbiased, uninfluenced, unprejudiced; bipartisan Phrases on the fence Near Antonyms biased, partial, partisan, prejudiced, unfair; affiliated, associated, federated; belligerent Antonyms allied, confederate

  2. 2 lacking in distinctive features or qualities the hero is the novel's only fully fleshed person, all the others being rather neutral characters who are just there to advance the plot Synonyms beige, characterless, faceless, featureless, indistinctive, nondescript, noncommital, vanillaRelated Words boring, drab, dreary, dry, dull, flat, humdrum, leaden, monotonous, pedestrian, stodgy, stuffy, tame, tedious, tiresome, tiring, uninteresting, wearisome, weary, wearyingNear Antonyms arresting, bold, catchy, dramatic, emphatic, eye-catching, flamboyant, showy, splashy, striking

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