Synonyms and Antonyms of faceless

  1. 1 lacking in distinctive features or qualities it was precisely because he was a faceless individual that the serial killer was able to go on for so long without detection Synonyms beige, characterless, nondescript, featureless, indistinctive, neutral, noncommital, vanillaRelated Words boring, drab, dreary, dry, dull, flat, humdrum, leaden, monotonous, pedestrian, stodgy, stuffy, tame, tedious, tiresome, tiring, uninteresting, wearisome, weary, wearyingNear Antonyms arresting, bold, catchy, dramatic, emphatic, eye-catching, flamboyant, showy, splashy, striking

  2. 2 not named or identified by a name faceless gossipmongers had been spreading rumors about the actor's sexual identity for years Synonyms anonymous, nameless, incognito, innominate, unbaptized, unchristened, unidentified, unnamed, untitledRelated Words undetermined, unspecified; obscure, uncelebrated, unheard-of, unheralded, unknown, unsung; unexceptional, unremarkableNear Antonyms denominated, designated, specified; labeled (or labelled), tabbed, titled; celebrated, famed, famous, known, notable, noted, noteworthy, remarkable, renowned, well-known; exceptionalAntonyms baptized, christened, dubbed, named, termed

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