Synonyms and Antonyms of undetermined

  1. 1 not seen or understood clearly an undetermined form seen only from a distance Synonyms blear, bleary, blurry, dim, foggy, fuzzy, gauzy, hazy, indefinite, indistinct, indistinguishable, misty, murky, nebulous, obscure, opaque, pale, shadowy, unclear, undefined, faint, vagueRelated Words dark, dusky, gloomy; impalpable, inappreciable, intangible, invisible; hieroglyphic (also hieroglyphical), incomprehensible, indecipherable, indiscernible, inexplicable, mysterious, obfuscatory, puzzlingNear Antonyms bright, distinct, evident, obvious, plain; certain, firm, strong, sureAntonyms clear, definite, pellucid

  2. 2 not yet settled or decided the fate of the prisoners is still undetermined Synonyms open, undecided, pending, unresolved, unsettledRelated Words hanging; arguable, debatable, disputable, moot, uncertain, unsureNear Antonyms confirmed, established; certain, sureAntonyms decided, determined, resolved, settled

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