Synonyms and Antonyms of unnamed

  1. 1 known but not named used some unnamed procedure for testing the accuracy of the device Synonyms anonymous, given, one, some, unidentified, certain, unspecifiedRelated Words particular, specificNear Antonyms known, named, specified

  2. 2 not named or identified by a name the newspaper article quoted several unnamed sources Synonyms anonymous, faceless, incognito, innominate, unbaptized, unchristened, unidentified, nameless, untitledRelated Words undetermined, unspecified; obscure, uncelebrated, unheard-of, unheralded, unknown, unsung; unexceptional, unremarkableNear Antonyms denominated, designated, specified; labeled (or labelled), tabbed, titled; celebrated, famed, famous, known, notable, noted, noteworthy, remarkable, renowned, well-known; exceptionalAntonyms baptized, christened, dubbed, named, termed

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