Synonyms and Antonyms of nameless

  1. 1 not named or identified by a name the victim of the crime will remain nameless to protect his privacy those nameless editors who write the synopses for TV shows in the newspaper Synonyms anonymous, faceless, incognito, innominate, unbaptized, unchristened, unidentified, unnamed, untitled Related Words undetermined, unspecified; obscure, uncelebrated, unheard-of, unheralded, unknown, unsung; unexceptional, unremarkable Near Antonyms denominated, designated, specified; labeled (or labelled), tabbed, titled; celebrated, famed, famous, known, notable, noted, noteworthy, remarkable, renowned, well-known; exceptional Antonyms baptized, christened, dubbed, named, termed

  2. 2 beyond the power to describe was seized with a nameless, vague fear that made her seek the companionship of another person Synonyms incommunicable, indefinable, ineffable, inenarrable, inexpressible, indescribable, uncommunicable, unspeakable, unutterableRelated Words unsayable; inconceivable, incredible, unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable; inexplicable, unexplainable; characterless, featureless, nondescriptNear Antonyms conceivable, imaginable, thinkableAntonyms communicable, definable, expressible, speakable

  3. 3 not widely known a nameless poet who has just been rediscovered by devotees of love poems Synonyms obscure, no-name, noteless, uncelebrated, unfamous, unknown, unrecognized, unsungRelated Words insignificant, minor, unimportant; undistinguished, unexceptional, unremarkable; unpopular; anonymous, faceless, unnoticeable, unrecognizable; unnewsworthy, unnoticed; forgotten, unrememberedNear Antonyms fabled, fabulous, legendary; infamous; distinguished, eminent, exceptional, great, illustrious, notable, outstanding, prestigious, remarkable; estimable, honorable, reputable, respectable; important, influential, leading, major, newsworthy, noteworthy, significant; favorite, popular, preferredAntonyms celebrated, famed, famous, noted, notorious, prominent, renowned, well-known

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