Synonyms and Antonyms of prestigious

  1. 1 having a good reputation especially in a field of knowledge a nutritional study that has been published by a prestigious medical journal Synonyms esteemed, estimable, name, respectable, recognized, reputable, reputed, respectedRelated Words honorable, venerable, worthy; creditable, good, praiseworthy; celebrated, distinguished, famed, famous, honored, illustrious, notable, prominent, redoubtable, renowned, well-knownNear Antonyms seedy, shadowy, shady; no-name, obscure, undistinguished, unknownAntonyms disreputable

  2. 2 standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement the most prestigious social club in town Synonyms astral, bright, distinguished, illustrious, luminous, noble, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, preeminent, eminent, redoubtable, signal, star, superiorRelated Words celebrated, exalted, famed, famous, glorious, honored, renowned, reputable; infamous, notorious; dominant, paramount, predominantNear Antonyms insignificant, minor, unimportant; average, inferior, mediocre; obscure, uncelebrated, unsung

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