Synonyms and Antonyms of astral

  1. 1 of or relating to the stars <gave the astronomy students the assignment of charting astral movement for the next month> Synonyms stellar, star, starryRelated Words celestial, empyrean, heavenly; intergalactic, interstellar; astronomical (also astronomic), astrophysical; astronautic (or astronautical); starlike, star-spangled

  2. 2 standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement <after his film became an unexpected blockbuster, the director was suddenly welcome in the most astral circles of Hollywood society> Synonyms eminent, bright, distinguished, illustrious, luminous, noble, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, preeminent, prestigious, redoubtable, signal, star, superiorRelated Words celebrated, exalted, famed, famous, glorious, honored, renowned, reputable; infamous, notorious; dominant, paramount, predominantNear Antonyms insignificant, minor, unimportant; average, inferior, mediocre; obscure, uncelebrated, unsung

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