Synonyms and Antonyms of starry

  1. 1 of or relating to the stars the starry light of the firmament on a clear night Synonyms astral, star, stellarRelated Words celestial, empyrean, heavenly; intergalactic, interstellar; astronomical (also astronomic), astrophysical; astronautic (or astronautical); starlike, star-spangled

  2. 2 having or marked by a tendency to be guided more by ideals than by reality had the starry idea the Western military forces would waltz in there and put an end to rivalries that have been raging for hundreds of years Synonyms idealist, quixotic, quixotical, romantic, idealistic, starry-eyed, utopian, visionaryRelated Words impractical, unrealistic; crusading, messianic, zealous; dewy-eyed, moonstruck, moony, sentimental, tender-minded; hopeful, optimistic, Pollyannaish (also Pollyannish), rosy, upbeat; doctrinaire, ideological (also ideologic)Near Antonyms hardheaded, hard-nosed, tough-minded, unsentimental; practical, pragmatic (also pragmatical), realisticAntonyms clear-eyed, clear-sighted

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