Synonyms and Antonyms of quixotic

  1. having or marked by a tendency to be guided more by ideals than by reality in this age of giant chain stores, any attempt at operating an independent bookstore must be regarded as quixotic Synonyms idealist, idealistic, quixotical, romantic, starry, starry-eyed, utopian, visionaryRelated Words impractical, unrealistic; crusading, messianic, zealous; dewy-eyed, moonstruck, moony, sentimental, tender-minded; hopeful, optimistic, Pollyannaish (also Pollyannish), rosy, upbeat; doctrinaire, ideological (also ideologic)Near Antonyms hardheaded, hard-nosed, tough-minded, unsentimental; practical, pragmatic (also pragmatical), realisticAntonyms clear-eyed, clear-sighted

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a trip made at another's expense

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