Synonyms and Antonyms of rich

  1. 1 having goods, property, or money in abundance you would have to be quite rich to be able to afford a home in that neighborhood Synonyms of rich affluent, deep-pocketed, fat, fat-cat, flush, loaded, moneyed (also monied), opulent, silk-stocking, wealthy, well-endowed, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do Words Related to rich better-off, comfortable, propertied, prosperous, substantial, successful; flourishing, prospering, thriving; advantaged, blessed (also blest), privileged Phrases in the chips Near Antonyms of rich unaffluent; deprived, disadvantaged, hand-to-mouth, underprivileged; bankrupt, bankrupted, beggared, broke, indebted, insolvent, pauperized, ruined, skint [chiefly British]; depressed, pinched, reduced, straitened; low, short Antonyms of rich destitute, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, needy, penniless, penurious, poor, poverty-stricken

  2. 2 containing much seasoning, fat, or sugar stay away from rich foods before you sing tonight Synonyms of rich heavy Words Related to rich buttery, fat, fatty, greasy, oily; caloric, calorific, fattening; cloying, oversweet; filling, overfilling, satiating, sating; spicy, sugary, sweet; creamy, sauced Near Antonyms of rich natural, plain, simple; unseasoned; diet, nonfattening, slimming; nonfat Antonyms of rich light, lite

  3. 3 having an abundance of some characteristic quality (as flavor) rich wines complemented the meal Synonyms of rich big, concentrated, full, heady, lusty, muscular, plush, potent, full-bodied, robust, strongWords Related to rich heavy; straight, undiluted, unmixed; high-octane, high-test; enriched, fortified; concentratedNear Antonyms of rich dilute, diluted, watered-down, wateryAntonyms of rich delicate, light, mild, thin, thinned, weak, weakened

  4. 4 producing abundantly rich farmland Synonyms of rich cornucopian, fat, fecund, fructuous, fruitful, lush, luxuriant, productive, prolific, fertileWords Related to rich bearing, generative, producing, yielding; abounding, abundant, bountiful; copious, generous, liberal, plenteous, plentiful, plentitudinous; blooming, bursting, flourishing, swarming, teeming, thriving; creative, inventive, originalNear Antonyms of rich meager (or meagre), scant, scanty, skimp, skimpy, spare, sparseAntonyms of rich barren, dead, infertile, sterile, unfertile, unfruitful, unproductive

Synonym Discussion of rich

rich, wealthy, affluent, opulent mean having goods, property, and money in abundance. rich implies having more than enough to gratify normal needs or desires.
    • became rich through shrewd investing
wealthy stresses the possession of property and intrinsically valuable things.
    • wealthy landowners
affluent suggests prosperity and an increasing wealth.
    • an affluent society
opulent suggests lavish expenditure and display of great wealth, more often applying to things than people.
    • an opulent mansion

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