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a comfortable bed
a soft bed
a cozy bed
a cushy bed
a luxurious bed
a peaceful bed
comfortable circumstances
enjoyable circumstances
pleasant circumstances
safe circumstances
desirable circumstances
preferred circumstances
comfortable shoes
durable shoes
sturdy shoes
practical shoes
good shoes

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How does the adjective comfortable differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of comfortable are cozy, easy, restful, and snug. While all these words mean "enjoying or providing a position of contentment and security," comfortable applies to anything that encourages serenity, well-being, or complacency as well as physical ease.

started feeling comfortable in our new surroundings

When might cozy be a better fit than comfortable?

The words cozy and comfortable are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, cozy suggests warmth, shelter, assured ease, and friendliness.

a cozy neighborhood coffee shop

When could easy be used to replace comfortable?

The meanings of easy and comfortable largely overlap; however, easy implies relief from or absence of anything likely to cause discomfort or constraint.

living in easy circumstances

When can restful be used instead of comfortable?

While in some cases nearly identical to comfortable, restful applies to whatever induces or contributes to rest or relaxation.

a quiet restful vacation

When would snug be a good substitute for comfortable?

Although the words snug and comfortable have much in common, snug suggests having just enough space for comfort and safety but no more.

a snug little cottage

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