Synonyms and Antonyms of bare

  1. 1 being this and no more impoverished people who can no longer afford the bare necessities Synonyms mere, veryRelated Words absolute, all-out, arrant, out-and-out, outright, pure, sheer, simple, stark, total, unadulterated, unalloyed, unmitigated, unqualified, utter; alone, lone, only, singular, sole, solitary, solo, unique

  2. 2 free from all additions or embellishment do you want to know the bare truth? Synonyms bald, plain, naked, plain-vanilla, simple, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, unornamented, unvarnishedRelated Words denuded, divested, stripped; au naturel, earthy, elemental, homely, natural, unsophisticated; forthright, honest, modest, unpretentious; clean; antiseptic, austere, bleak, severe, spartan, stark; minimalist; inconspicuous, muted, restrained, sober, subdued, toned (down), unobtrusive; conservative, quiet, understatedNear Antonyms flamboyant, flashy, garish, gaudy, glittery, glitzy, loud, ostentatious, showy, splashy, swank (or swanky), tawdry; bedizened, florid, lurid, ornate; exaggerated, overdecorated, overdone, overwrought; baroque, elaborate, extravagant, ornate, rococo; appareled (or apparelled), arrayed, bedecked, decked-out, dressed, embroidered, garnished, trimmedAntonyms adorned, decorated, embellished, fancy, ornamented

  3. 3 lacking a usual or natural covering the ground was bare, without a trace of grass Synonyms bald, naked, denuded, exposed, open, peeled, stripped, uncoveredRelated Words displayed, revealed; hairless, shaven; disrobed, unclad, unclothed, undressed; furless, skinned; divested; unprotectedNear Antonyms mantled; overgrown, overrun, overspread; bearded, hairyAntonyms covered

  4. 4 lacking or shed of clothing the toddler liked to run around bare Synonyms au naturel, naked, bottomless, disrobed, mother-naked, nude, raw, starkers [chiefly British], stripped, unclad, unclothed, undressedRelated Words seminude, topless; denuded, peeled; unveiledNear Antonyms covered, veiled; arrayed, caparisoned, decked (out), rigged (out), tricked (out); vested; decentAntonyms appareled (or apparelled), attired, clad, clothed, dressed, garbed, invested, robed, suited

  5. 5 lacking contents that could or should be present the cupboard was bare—not a thing to eat Synonyms empty, blank, clean, devoid, stark, toom [chiefly Scottish], vacant, vacuous, voidRelated Words barren, hollow; available, clear, free, open; unfilled, unfurnished; unattended, uninhabited, unoccupied; abandoned, deserted, emptied, forsaken, vacated; depleted, drained, dry, exhaustedNear Antonyms complete; replete; furnished, provided, supplied; filled, occupied; flush, overflowing, packed, teemingAntonyms full

  6. 6 utterly lacking in something needed, wanted, or expected the cupboard was bare of baking supplies Synonyms bankrupt, devoid, barren, bereft, destitute, voidRelated Words blank, empty, innocent, stark, vacant, wanting; deficient, fragmental, fragmentary, incomplete, insufficient, partial, short; absent, missingNear Antonyms furnished, provided, supplied; brimming, bulging, bursting, chock-full (or chockful), crammed, crowded, fat, jammed, jam-packed, loaded, packed, saturated, stuffed; abounding, swarming, teeming, thick, throngingAntonyms filled, flush, fraught, full, replete, rife



Synonyms and Antonyms of bare

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