Synonyms and Antonyms of debunk

  1. 1 to prove to be false a Web site that assiduously debunks urban legends Synonyms belie, confound, confute, disprove, disconfirm, discredit, falsify, rebut, refute, shoot downRelated Words overthrow, overturn; challenge, contest, query, question; doubt, mistrust; debate, discuss, hash (over), moot, talk overNear Antonyms document, evidence, evince, record, show, support, witness; back (up), buttress, corroborate, substantiate; adduce, attest, authenticate, certify, identify; demonstrate, display, illustrate, manifestAntonyms confirm, establish, prove, validate, verify

  2. 2 to reveal the true nature of the investigative reporter easily debunked the charlatan's claims of clairvoyance Synonyms expose, nail, show up, uncloak, uncover, undress, unmaskRelated Words demolish, discredit, disprove; disclose, divulge, tell, unveilNear Antonyms conceal, hide, secrete, veilAntonyms camouflage, cloak, disguise, mask

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