Synonyms and Antonyms of belie

  1. 1 to give a misleading impression of his bright smile belied his actual mood, which was really one of great sadness Synonyms misrepresent Related Words contradict; camouflage, cloak, conceal, counterfeit, disguise, hide, mask, obscure; color, deceive, distort, falsify, garble, mislead, misrender, misreport, twist; dissemble, feign, pretend Near Antonyms bare, demonstrate, disclose, discover, evince, exhibit, expose, reveal; flaunt, parade, show off Antonyms betray, represent

  2. 2 to prove to be false the latest information belies the old theory Synonyms disprove, confound, confute, debunk, disconfirm, discredit, falsify, rebut, refute, shoot downRelated Words overthrow, overturn; challenge, contest, query, question; doubt, mistrust; debate, discuss, hash (over), moot, talk overNear Antonyms document, evidence, evince, record, show, support, witness; back (up), buttress, corroborate, substantiate; adduce, attest, authenticate, certify, identify; demonstrate, display, illustrate, manifestAntonyms confirm, establish, prove, validate, verify

  3. 3 to keep secret or shut off from view the security council issued false assurances that belied the true gravity of the situation Synonyms {h,1}hide, blanket, blot out, cloak, conceal, cover, curtain, disguise, enshroud, mask, obscure, occult, paper over, screen, shroud, suppress, veilRelated Words bury, camouflage, cover (up), smother; gild, gloss (over), varnish, whitewash; becloud, bedim, befog, block, cloud, darken, eclipse, obstruct, occlude, overcast, overshadow, shadeNear Antonyms bring out, present; clarify, illuminate; advertise, air, broadcast, get out, proclaim, publicize, publish, spreadAntonyms bare, disclose, display, divulge, expose, reveal, show, uncloak, uncover, unmask, unveil

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to cast off or become cast off

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