Synonyms and Antonyms of represent

  1. 1 to point out the chief quality or qualities of an individual or group <the writer of the magazine article represented the students at the academy as a bunch of spoiled brats> Synonyms character, define, depict, describe, portray, characterizeRelated Words categorize, classify, pigeonhole, type; color, identify, indicate, name, specify; distinguish, individualize, mark, particularize, stamp

  2. 2 to present a picture of <a painting representing the ocean at sunrise> Synonyms depict, image, portray, pictureRelated Words delineate, describe, document, render; outline, silhouette, sketch; illustrate, show; diagram; caricature

  3. 3 to serve as a material counterpart of <this orange represents the sun and this pea represents the Earth> Synonyms emblematize, symbolizeRelated Words body, embody, epitomize, incarnate, manifest, materialize, objectify, personalize, personify; exemplify, illustrate

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