Synonyms and Antonyms of describe

  1. 1 to give a representation or account of in words he tried to describe the dream he had last night as accurately as he could Synonyms delineate, depict, draw, image, limn, paint, picture, portray, render, set out, sketch Related Words characterize, define, label, qualify, represent; demonstrate, illustrate; narrate, recite, recount, rehearse, relate, report, tell; display, exhibit, show; hint, suggest; draft, outline, silhouette, trace, vignette; summarize, sum up, touch off; redescribe, reimage Near Antonyms color, distort, falsify, garble, misdescribe, misrepresent, misstate, pervert, twist, warp

  2. 2 to give an oral or written account of in some detail a biography of Washington that describes the decisive Battle of Yorktown at great length Synonyms chart, chronicle, tell, narrate, recite, recount, rehearse, relate, reportRelated Words deliver, give, reel off, state, utter, voice; detail, enumerate, itemize, particularize; bare, disclose, divulge, expose, let on (about), reveal; delineate, depict, express, render, sketch

  3. 3 to point out the chief quality or qualities of an individual or group how would you describe the Inupiat people you encountered in Alaska? Synonyms character, define, depict, characterize, portray, representRelated Words categorize, classify, pigeonhole, type; color, identify, indicate, name, specify; distinguish, individualize, mark, particularize, stamp

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to criticize severely

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