Synonyms and Antonyms of enumerate

  1. 1 to specify one after another I proceeded to enumerate the reasons why I would be justified in filing a lawsuit for negligence Synonyms detail, itemize, list, numerate, recite, reel off, rehearse, tick (off) Related Words outline; tabulate, tally; catalog (or catalogue), inventory; chart, diagram, graph; calculate, compute, estimate, figure, reckon; cite, mention, name Near Antonyms generalize

  2. 2 to find the sum of (a collection of things) by noting each one as it is being added there were more birds hovering about the bird feeder than I could possibly enumerate Synonyms count, number, tellRelated Words add (up), tally, total; calculate, compute, reckon, table, tabulate; check, mark, tick (off); recount

  3. 3 to make a list of let's enumerate the top ten reasons why Top Ten lists have gotten out of hand Synonyms {h,1}list, inventory, itemize, numerateRelated Words count, mark, number; check (off), tick (off)

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