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  1. 1 a leg-mounted piece of furniture with a broad flat top designed for the serving of food we sat at the kitchen table, playing cards for hours on end Synonyms board Related Words coffee table, refectory table, tea table; bar, counter; buffet, sideboard, side table; bed table, card table

  2. 2 food eaten or prepared for eating at one time always offers a well-prepared table for his guests Synonyms chow, feed, menu, mess, refection, repast, mealRelated Words board; breakfast, buffet, collation, dinner, lunch, luncheon, refreshments, smorgasbord, snack, supper, tea; bite, gulp, morsel, serving, taste; banquet, feast, regale, spread; bake, barbecue (also barbeque), clambake, cookout, fry, fry-up [British], luau, picnic, potluck, roast

  3. 3 a broad flat area of elevated land the area between the two canyons forms one broad table Synonyms altiplano, mesa, plateau, tablelandRelated Words butte, dome, height, highland, upland; karoo (or karroo), puna

  4. 4 a record of a series of items (as names or titles) usually arranged according to some system the periodic table of chemical elements Synonyms canon, catalog (or catalogue), checklist, listing, menu, register, registry, roll, roll call, roster, schedule, {h,1}listRelated Words agenda, bibliography, catalogue raisonné, compendium, compilation, directory, docket, enumeration, glossary, index, inventory, manifest, payroll; calendar, chronology, timetable

  5. 5 substances intended to be eaten the table that the innkeeper set out each morning made for a bountiful breakfast indeed Synonyms bread, chow, chuck [chiefly West], comestibles, eatables, eats, edibles, fare, foodstuffs, grub, meat, provender, provisions, food, tucker [chiefly Australian], viands, victuals, vittlesRelated Words commissary, rations, supplies; aliment, nutriment; diet, nourishment, nurture, sustenance; mess, pap; ensilage, feed, fodder, forage, silage, slop, swill; feast, meal, refreshments, regale, repast, spread; board; dish, plate, platter, serving; finger food, natural foodNear Antonyms bane, poison, toxin, venom

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